Friday, April 17, 2009

Susan Boyle -- Drew Barrymore Weighs in on First Kiss

You may have watched Drew Barrymore's movie "Never Been Kissed" years ago. That was a sweet movie, but it's something Susan Boyle is living. She dedicated her life to her church and taking care of her mother. Is it time for Susan to find love? Drew is hoping so:

After learning about Susan’s real life “Never Been Kissed” story from Access Hollywood while on the “Grey Gardens” red carpet in Los Angeles Thursday evening, Drew said she had high hopes for Susan’s first smooch.

When asked who Susan should kiss first, Drew said it was a decision that despite her movie pedigree, she wasn’t qualified to weigh in on.

“Well who am I – after [47] years of a life decision to tell her who she should kiss,” Drew said sweetly. “But I hope it’s a good one!”

I think it's so sweet that this story has touched the lives of so many people. Here's to hoping Susan Boyle finds love -- and her first kiss -- if that's something she wants out of life!

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