Friday, April 17, 2009

Susan Boyle Makeover in Her Future?

One of the most popular search terms for Susan Boyle is "Susan Boyle Makeover." Have we not learned anything from this experience? Susan is a beauty as she is, even if we didn't see it at first glance. Thankfully, Britain's Got Talent's Amanda Holden agrees with me:

But Miss Holden warned against allowing image makers to change her plain style.

She suggested that her fellow judge Simon Cowell wanted to give Miss Boyle a Hollywood makeover complete with whitened teeth and a new hairstyle.

"I won't let Simon Cowell take her to his dentist and I certainly won't let her near his hairdresser," she told the Daily Mirror.

"She needs to stay exactly as she is because that's the reason we love her.

"She just looks like anybody who could live on your street.

"The minute we turn her into a glamourpuss is when it's spoilt.

"That can perhaps come later when she has signed the album deal and conquered America.

"For now we'll keep her exactly as she is because that's why we've all fallen in love with her.

"I think it's the underdog thing."

While I don't think it could hurt to do some girly things like we'd all want to do while becoming an international sensation, I hope Susan Boyle isn't forced to lose the essence of who she is.

What are you opinions about a Susan Boyle makeover? Leave comments in the comment section :)



  1. Stay as you are Susan, Your loveliness of spirit shines through. Take your time and let your own feelings make the decisions.
    Love Granny

  2. I totally agree Granny! Hopefully she'll have good people from her home town helping to guide her with all of these new decisions :)

  3. She should stay as she is ! A real artist does not need a makeover!