Saturday, April 18, 2009

Susan Boyle on Target to Become the Biggest YouTube Sensation Ever

I was reading Mashable, and there is a nice article about Susan's success and the possibility of her eclipsing the most viewed YouTube videos ever. The Evolution of Dance has around 117 million views, and Susan already has over 40 million (when you combine the different versions/links on the web...the most viewed has almost 30 million on its own)! As word spreads to everyone around the world, there is a HUGE chance that Susan's video will become the most watched on YouTube.

Make it happen! Be sure all your friends and family members know where to find the video. If you have a blog or a website, why not share the link?

(embedding is disabled for it) so just click here.

The link is

Help Susan Boyle become the most viewed on YouTube!

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